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Chaos Theory Dance!


Everything you wanted Modern Dance to be!

Directed by Billbob Brown, Chaos Theory Dance delights audiences with stunning lifts and belly-slapping laughs.  Always politically relevant yet highly entertaining, this collection of zanies will warm your heart and inspire your soul with imagery from astronomy, world events, personal relationships, and the vagaries of time and space.  You never knew until now that going to a dance concert could be so much darned fun!  Be prepared to laugh till your sides hurt, while oohing and aahing over brilliant partnering work, and movement that borrows from all genres, from modern dance to jazz, tap, ballroom, and boxing!

Founded in 1999, Chaos Theory Dance has performed its stunning concerts of dance, video, comedy, and technical virtuosity to enthralled audiences everywhere. The company has performed in various guises at Harvard University, SUNY Potsdam, Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, Hampshire College, Roger Williams University, UMass Amherst, Thornes Market in Northampton, Plymouth State University, Putney Vermont, Colby-Sawyer College, Bush Hall in London, England, the Tempe Center for the Arts in Arizona, and other places. Chaos Theory Dance is an experience of superquick movements performed in perfect unison or in counterpoint, set against video backdrops of colorful fractals and whirling planets. Dancers take to the stars in one moment, and have you roaring in the aisles with vocal or visual comedy the next. The company itself is a collection of professional artists who are each choreographers in their own rights, each with a unique voice and vision of power and grace that they bring to the stage.

Chaos Theory takes it name from the science of complexity, which finds meaningful patterns in apparently unpredictable systems, such as weather, clouds, traffic, and social groups. Chaos Theory Dance finds the balance between highly ordered movement, and moments that go as wildly out of control as possible, creating powerful and breathtakingly beautiful theater.

Coming on April 25th! Chaos Theory at the Cambridge Science Festival!